Solar Quartz Flower Bracelets - Mer~Ka~Bah
Solar Quartz Flower Bracelets - Mer~Ka~Bah
Solar Quartz Flower Bracelets - Mer~Ka~Bah

Solar Quartz Flower Bracelets

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These stunning bracelets will heal your soul and nurture your tender heart! Featuring a Superior A-grade Solar Quartz Stalactite Flower Slice. The Quartz slice is carefully cut to preserve its raw & natural full bloom flower shape! Comes with your choice of either Pink Opal, Amethyst, or Impression Jasper stone beads.


Pink Opal - The Emotional Healer:

Pink Opal is an emotional healing stone, helping with those subconscious and hard to identify emotions. It is one of the strongest of the heart chakra stones and can thus be used to heal matters of the heart and calm emotions. It is also a great stone to use for sleep and calming nightmares.

Physical Healing - Can help with emotional imbalances. It is also said to soothe irritated skin and aid with ailments related to the heart and lungs


Amethyst - The Powerful Stone:

Amethyst is known to activate spiritual awareness and enhance creativity and passion. It can be used as an aid in remembering dreams, refining the thinking process and fo bringing ideas into action. 

Physical Healing  - Often used to release tension, stress and headaches. Also used to boost hormone production and strengthen the immune system


Impression Jasper - The Nurturing Stone:

Jasper is most associated with compassion and nurturing. Jasper promotes internal honesty, provides the courage needed to face difficult situations and stimulates imagination.

Physical Healing - A true healing stone, Jasper is often used to re-energize the body after long periods of illness


Solar Quartz - The Flowering Beauty:

A smooth edged slice of Quartz Stalactite creates the beautiful flower pattern of Solar Quartz. It's an Energy enhancer and helps connect to spirit and harmony, also adds in emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy  

Physical Healing - Quartz is known to help stimulate the thyroid and aid in digestion