Crystal Threader Earnings - Mer~Ka~Bah
Crystal Threader Earnings - Mer~Ka~Bah

Crystal Threader Earnings

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These dainty hanging earrings are chic and elegant, featuring beautiful raw stones that dangle gracefully from a gold thread chain. You can choose amethyst or citrine according to your taste and intention.


Amethyst - The Powerful Stone:

Amethyst is known to activate spiritual awareness and enhance creativity and passion. It can be used as an aid in remembering dreams, refining the thinking process and fo bringing ideas into action. 

Physical Healing  - Often used to release tension, stress and headaches. Also used to boost hormone production and strengthen the immune system


Citrine -  The Determination Stone:

The Citrine stone is known for its ability to promote growth and provide guidance in all areas of life. It can be extremely helpful in those moments when we feel 'off', unsure and even just need a bit of confidence. Along with guidance, the citrine can also provide motivation, drive and inspiration. Due to its massive connection to drive and positivity, the Citrine is considered a stone that promotes success and abundance

Physical Healing - Often used to aid in ailments related to kidneys, thyroid and digestive system





Gold filled .9mm 21ga U-Arch ear Thread