Agate Butterfly - Mer~Ka~Bah
Agate Butterfly - Mer~Ka~Bah
Agate Butterfly - Mer~Ka~Bah

Agate Butterfly

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This beautiful Agate Butterfly crystal will make the perfect addition for your altar or sacred space. Brazilian agate is a unique stone that will help assist in improving your harmony and concentration. Our crystals are polished and shaped using only natural agate while featuring beautiful and natural blue bands around the side and bottom of the stone.

Agate - The Supportive Stone: 

Agate can come in many shades and colors. This stone promotes support and stability when overwhelmed or in time of need. Its low frequency soothes away troubles, while realigning one’s energy for a balanced connection between mind, body and spirit.

Physical Healing - Enhances concentration and mental function. Also used to help heal ailments related to the eyes, stomach, uterus and pancreas

This piece weighs 422g and measures 4.3' by 3.5'