Shop By Stone Meaning and Intuition

Agate - The Supportive Stone

Agate can come in many shades and colors. This stone promotes support and stability when overwhelmed or in time of need. Its low frequency soothes away troubles, while realigning one’s energy for a balanced connection between mind, body and spirit.

Physical Healing - Enhances concentration and mental function. Also used to help heal ailments related to the eyes, stomach, uterus and pancreas

Amazonite - The Optimistic Stone

Amazonite promotes positivity and relaxation. It reduces stress, anxiety and toxic emotions. Most of all, Amazonite is known for its manifestation powers and its ability to turn optimistic thoughts into reality. The perfect stone for those looking to connect to their untapped spirituality or to enhance pre-existing psychic abilities.

Physical Healing – Used to help relax the nervous system and brain

Amethyst - The Powerful Stone

Amethyst is known to activate spiritual awareness and enhance creativity and passion. It can be used as an aid in remembering dreams, refining the thinking process and fo bringing ideas into action. 

Physical Healing  - Often used to release tension, stress and headaches. Also used to boost hormone production and strengthen the immune system

Aquamarine - The Calming Stone

Aquamarine is known for its calming energy and is associated with peace and tranquility, it is often used for renewal and rejuvenation.

It can also be used to ease anxiety, stress and other fears that may be holding you back. Aquamarine is often associated with Pisces as the March stone and symbolizes water and the sea. It is also associated with the throat chakra and can be used to open lines of communication.

Physical Healing - Often used to enhance immunity, with a highly protective energy in pregnancy, protecting both mom and baby. Connected to the throat chakra, this stone may also aid with ailments surrounding the throat and thyroid


Aventurine - The Lucky Stone

Green Aventurine is most commonly known as the Lucky stone, correlated with success and opportunity.

Spiritually, this stone encourages rebalancing of the Heart chakra and helps with better understanding of our emotional needs and accepting change.

Physical Healing - Can provide assistance to those with cardiac conditions or circulatory problems, to those recovering from surgery or illness.


Beryl - The Stone with All The Answers

Beryl is most commonly used when you are in search of guidance and answers. Working with Beryl will not only give you the answers you seek, but also help surface untapped talents and abilities. Beryl promotes courage, passion and confidence in all areas of life.

Physical Healing - Promotes a strong intestinal tract and cardiovascular system while helping to overcome respiratory ailments 


Blue Lace Agate  - The Communication Stone

Blue Lace Agate is known to help those who have trouble expressing themselves or may be fearful of putting themselves out there. The stone is known to aid in clearing communication and reducing the stress associated with it. 

Physical Healing - Can aid with stress, sleep and anxiety. It is also known to aid in matters related to the throat, inflammation and arthritis.


Citrine - The Determination Stone

The Citrine stone is known for its ability to promote growth and provide guidance in all areas of life. It can be extremely helpful in those moments when we feel 'off', unsure and even just need a bit of confidence. Along with guidance, the citrine can also provide motivation, drive and inspiration. Due to its massive connection to drive and positivity, the Citrine is considered a stone that promotes success and abundance

Physical Healing - Often used to aid in ailments related to kidneys, thyroid and digestive system


Clear Quartz - The Master Healer

Commonly used to increase spiritual wisdom and promote clarity. This is a high vibrational stone that amplifies energy and creates spiritual connection. Great for meditation and intention setting.

Physical Healing - Quartz is known to help stimulate the thyroid and aid in digestion


Druzy Stone

Druzy Crystal Stone is comprised of sets of smaller crystal networks that give off a rugged sparkling glimmer. It is believed to provide the balance necessary to avoid depression or unnatural feelings of fear. Druzy will also encourage you to relax and reduce your stress levels.  

Physical Healing- Assists with the immune and reproductive systems. 


Golden Healer Quartz - Universal Energy 

Golden Healer Quartz is a master healer and a potent healing crystal on all levels of being, it raises your energetic vibration and acts as a catalyst for profound spiritual activation. 

Physical healing - Quartz is known to help stimulate Crown Chakra, the thyroid and aids in digestion


Herkimer Diamond - The Attunement Stone:

Being doubly terminated, they have the ability to not only transmit their own energies, but to receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.

Unites the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, multidimensional states with consciousness to create wholeness, enhancing life and love in the most powerful ways in the metaphysical world 


Howlite - The Awareness Stone

Howlite connects you to the outside world as well as your inner self. It gives you a deeper awareness of your surroundings and thus relieves any breakdowns in communication and helps to alleviate self-doubt. Howlite is also considered to be a calming stone that can promote and inspire creativity. 

Physical Healing - Howlite is said to help treat ailments related to sleep, anxiety, and bones  


Impression Jasper - The Nurturing Stone

Jasper is most associated with compassion and nurturing. Jasper promotes internal honesty, provides the courage needed to face difficult situations and stimulates imagination.

Physical Healing - A true healing stone, Jasper is often used to re-energize the body after long periods of illness


Kunzite - The Woman, Mother and Childhood Stone

Pink Kunzite is often referred to as the Mother Stone due to its supportive energy to young, first time and single mothers. It is also said to have the ability to bring you back to the simpler, more worry-free days of childhood. Its properties aid in breaking down barriers that were built due to mistrust and take you back to a time full with creativity, confidence and play.

Physical Healing - Pink Kunzite is said to aid with matters related to hormones, the reproductive system, pregnancy, puberty and PMS


Lepidocrocite - The Super Stone 

Sometimes called the Super Seven as it is believed to contain the healing powers of Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile and Goethite. In addition to carrying the properties of these other stones, Lepidocrocite is known to help calm and assert one’s thinking when overwhelmed and is often used for those with attention disorders.

Physical Healing  - Can aid with matters related to mental illness, the brain and attention. 


Moonstone - The Inspiration Stone 

Moonstone is known to help balance hormones, provide support and enhance intuition. It is often used to promote inspiration and can bring a great deal of luck in love and other matters.

Physical Healing - Aids the digestive system and balances hormones. It is often used to promote healthy pregnancy is said to be a great stone for fertility and conception


Pink Opal - The Emotional Healer

Pink Opal is an emotional healing stone, helping with those subconscious and hard to identify emotions. It is one of the strongest of the heart chakra stones and can thus be used to heal matters of the heart and calm emotions. It is also a great stone to use for sleep and calming nightmares.

Physical Healing - Can help with emotional imbalances. It is also said to soothe irritated skin and aid with ailments related to the heart and lungs


Phosphosiderite - The Healing Stone

Phosphosiderite is a powerful stone that opens and activates the Heart Chakra and awakens your spiritual consciousness. It helps connect you with spirit guides and angels. It helps you access and work through past life memories, recall your dreams, and facilitates lucid dreaming. It is known as the "stone of hope and healing" due to its uplifting energy.

Physical Healing - Is used to ease insomnia and relieve tension and anxiety. It also alleviates upper respiratory ailments such as colds/flu and other lung infections; helps with abdominal issues, heart ailments, and the thyroid.


Pyrite - The Abundance and Protection Stone

Pyrite is known as the abundance stone due to its supportive energy in matters of finance, prosperity and willpower. It said to help make wise financial decisions and provide the willpower and determination needed to achieve one's goals. Pyrite is also widely associated with protection, both from physical and emotional harm. 

Physical Healing - Supports matters related to infection and virus


Rhodonite - The Rescue Stone

Rhodonite is known as the rescue stone because of its powers in both emotional and physical healing. As a heart chakra stone, Rhodonite can aid in all matters related to the heart and loving relationships. Rhodonite promotes clear communication, strong healthy relationships and self-love.

Physical Healing – Often used to stimulate fertility, help treat autoimmune ailments and ease inflammation 


Rose Quartz - The Love Stone 

Rose Quartz is known to enhance all vibrations of love, including love for others, self-love, and love of all things. It promotes calmness, reassurance, and can be extremely comforting during difficult times.

Physical Healing - Commonly used to increase fertility and protect the mother's body during pregnancy. It is also said to aid in matters related to the chest, kidneys and adrenal gland.

Care - Rose Quartz is best kept away from direct sunlight to protect its purity and natural color


Smokey Quartz - The Grounding Stone

Smokey Quartz is connected to the root chakra and therefore its energies are associated with grounding, clarity and connection. It's often used to get to the bottom of a situation in order to see things more clearly. Because of its darker coloring, it can also be used to absorb negative energies around you and protect against new negativity.

Physical Healing - Smokey Quartz is most commonly used to aid with anxiety and depression


Solar Quartz - Flower

A smooth edged slice of Quartz Stalactite creates the beautiful flower pattern of Solar Quartz. It's an Energy enhancer and helps connect to spirit and harmony, also adds in emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy  

Physical Healing - Quartz is known to help stimulate the thyroid and aid in digestion


White Turquoise - The Wellbeing Stone 

White Turquoise helps to promote a general sense of wellbeing, allowing new positive energies into the mind, body and spirit.

Physical Healing - Assists in easing depression and anxiety and promoting positivity