About Us

Merkabah is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “light-spirit-body.”  Its symbol is a shape constructed from two intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating a three-dimensional energy field. Merkabah energy is said to provide protection and elevate consciousness. 


Crystals and gemstones are also thought by many to have special benefits for healing.  Formed over millions of years, they connect us with the beauty and power of Earth and her evolution.  Since the dawn of civilization, gems and crystals have been highly sought after for healing and sacred rituals and for the adornment of swords, crowns, religious artifacts, and jewelry.


We at Merkabah have searched near and far to source our beautiful crystals and stones from many of Earth’s landscapes, including those of North America, Brazil, Uruguay, and Israel. Each item we create is lovingly handcrafted in the United States by an artisan who deeply appreciates the beauty and special properties of each crystal and stone.  These one-of-a-kind works of art make wonderful and meaningful gifts.  They are beautifully packaged with a colorful card describing the particular qualities of each type of stone or crystal used to create the unique item you have chosen.


Mission Statement

Crafting crystal pieces that can accompany you throughout your day-to-day movements and support your healing journey is our mission. Our commitment is embedded in ethical and authentic crystal creations that can be trusted as tools to keep you aligned and raise your vibrations as you navigate through the world. We promise to keep quality our priority and always share insight from the crystal world with our community.